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Ronit Friedman is an Israeli artist who brings the landscape to life with rich colors and loose brushstrokes. Her acrylic paintings of Jerusalem and the Judean Hills express a love of the land and a deep connection to her surroundings. She infuses the mundane with imagined color as an expression of spiritual energy and significance. 


Ronit’s Jerusalem series brings magic and splendor to the old cobblestone streets. They celebrate the triumph of the Jewish nation in rebuilding a homeland despite years of dispersion. The arches crown the journey, an expression of a G-d’s love and intervention. 

The mountains surrounding Jerusalem are a source of strength and protection. Their beauty is captivating, each one unique at every moment in time.

In the words of Israeli art curator, Ophra Shoshtari,

"Ronit works in a cautious and deliberate manner, slowly bulding layers of brilliant colors, warm with pinks, balanced by deep purples and intense greens transforming the ridges around her into glittering jewels. She seeks to capture through her works the joy of the Jewish people in the reclamation of their native land. Her works are meditative and they articulate both a prayer of supplication and of gratitude."


Ronit was born and raised in New York. She studied art since her youth and was captivated by Impressionist art which influenced and enabled her style to take form. She holds a masters in Art therapy from Lesley University. Ronit moved to Israel in her twenties and currently resides in the city of Harish with her husband and four children. 

We bought a beautiful original Jerusalem painting from Ronit. It's even more beautiful in person. It arrived in perfect condition and very quickly to the U.S. 
Robin Cadow


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